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Pairs Trading

FCS has a proprietary Pairs Trading model, based on advanced statistics covering European and US markets, available to clients.

Pairs trading is a non-directional strategy that speculates on the price movements between two instruments. The key her is the relative movements between the two sets of prices.

Pairs trading is a sophisticated trading strategy because it requires skills that are different to long-only investing. Statistical knowledge quantitative back testing, technical analysis and/ or fundamental know-how are all needed to some extent to create and manage a successful pairs trading strategy.
When trading on the differential movement of two securities, you either speculate that they will narrow (convergence) or wide (divergence). The trick is to trade at the right time. The reason is that the disparity in value may sometimes widen further – outside historical boundaries – causing losses to the pair trade.

Event Driven

FCS assist clients to identify companies with significant upside or downside relative to the current trading levels, identifying unique angles and opportunities.

Merger Arbitrage We monitor the main European and US deals with a full analysis of deals (extensive timetable, conditions, risks).

SPAC Arbitrage Monitoring the US and international SPAC universe, tracking pre-deal SPACs (new issues, NAV calculations, timetable) and announced deals (terms, timetable, risks) in order to highlight arbitrage opportunities in pre-deal and announced deal SPACs.

Geo political, Macro & Market Strategy Flash Notes

As data increasingly becomes commoditised, free thinking becomes priceless. We connect our unique dot-connecting abilities with our in-depth analytical work and our relevant historical perspectives to create differentiated, money-making insights that help our clients’ investment process and investment outcomes.

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